Container Shelter Installation Options

One of the beauties of a Container Spanz container shelter is that there is a wide range of installation options. This flexibility enables the shelter to adapt to your site, rather than having to adapt your site to the shelter!  

Installation Options

There are several securing options available for our container shelters and these vary depending on container shelter size and the exposure to wind and weather conditions. Whilst in-ground concrete footings can be used, alternatives include hulk earth anchors, above ground concrete blocks with straps, and soil ballast loaded directly into the container. Our Container Spanz installation experts can make recommendations to you and ensure that your own needs are met.

Choose from either our professional install team or Do-It-Yourself with our detailed instructions provided along with comprehensive guidance if needed.

Container Mounted Installation

By using a 20 foot, 40 foot or a combination of the two, you will have the ability to utilise the containers for many purposes, whether it be for added storage, use as a workshop, or to use as a push wall when using a bulldozer for example.

Shipping containers are readily available and economical and will last the distance. They also have the added bonus of being able to be relocated if/when needed.

Pole Mounted Installation

A popular choice for those needing added air flow, or for locations where the footprint of a container cant be allowed for.

Poles are easy and fast to install, and they open your shelter up to a whole new range of use cases.

Block Mounted Installation

Great for use when storing bulk goods such as topsoil, or sand.

This is a quick construction method with extremely robust properties.

Custom Container Shelter installation NZ

Custom Installation

We can mount our shelters on almost anything, such as the side of an existing building to create added dry space for loading trucks,

If you have any ideas or questions - call us now. We can help you with friendly and professional advice.

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